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Why Choose SupportLite?

Quality ServiceQuality Service

Quality customer service is the key element required for a successful business. You can't think of business growth without exceptional customer service. So the same reason we committed to provide a top quality services for our customers.

Best InfrastructureBest Infrastructure

The infrastructure at our office helps provide high-quality Enterprise Solutions to our customers. Our facility houses the best hardware and software suitable for enterprise working, office productivity, collaboration, infrastructure and distributed project management.

Redundant Power SupplyRedundant Power Supply

The redundant power supply is important for a mission critical business, to minimize the chance of a complete computer shutdown or failure. So this reason we have separate power supply units inside in our office.

Multiple ISP Leased LinesMultiple ISP Leased Lines

Businesses need constant connectivity to communicate and transact over internet. So that we are using high quality and competitive ISP leased lines to increase business productivity and efficiency.

Constantly EvolvingConstantly Evolving

Our team constantly research on new and upcoming technologies which enable our customers to run their servers more efficiently. We are uptodate with the hosting industry and its technologies.

Friendly and FAST CustomerFriendly and FAST Customer Service

Many of our customers choose us because they are dissatisfied with their previous support company. We win business from our competitors because of our focus on best-in-class customer service.

Successful Business StrategiesSuccessful Business Strategies

Encouraging customers for feedback and comments is an integral part of quality customer service. We collect customers feedback for analyzing the strengths and weaknesses in our service.

Experienced Engineers Experienced Engineers

We recognize the value of real experience and so retain and constantly seek engineers with a genuine depth of experience in the sectors where they operate. All our engineers are well expertise in this field.

Honesty and professionalismHonesty and professionalism

Culture is important to us, our company values are not just paper statements. This is a stimulating and fun place to work. Happy and smart people create better service.

Round'O Clock Support Round'O Clock Support

We provide Round-the-clock, 24x7. professional help desk and technical support services for global and domestic server providers and hosting businesses.

Budget FriendlyBudget Friendly

The desire to cut costs is a significant reason for most businesses to outsource their technical help. As is the need for improved service through comprehensive support and predictable service levels.

Certified EngineersCertified Engineers

Help desk engineers are vital to the IT workforce, as they keep the technologies that organizations rely on to do business current, and running smoothly. Our engineers are certified in Linux & Windows.